November 2007
Welcome to Carla Ullrichherring, who joined MARK9's FAS team this month.

Summer 2007
Welcome to Dee Dee Weeks, who joined MARK9 FAS team in June -- and to new pup-in-training Gypsy, a beautiful Australian Shepherd who will be Jerry Seevers' next canine partner.
Belgian Malinois Valkyrie and Golden Retriever Puzzle are now Scent Discrimination certified. Congratulations dogs and handlers for work well done!
MARK9 made presentations and appearances again this summer at the Plano Police Department Vacation Safety School and at the National Night Out Against Crime, Tietze Park, Dallas. MARK9 team members were also part of the Texas Task Force 2 deployment in response to Hurricane Dean.

May 2007
Congratulations Fleta Kirk and Misty, who passed Water and Scent Discrimination certifications this spring!

April 2007
MARK9 celebrates its 12th birthday at the same time we celebrate our partnership with Texas Task Force 2, now operational. Happy Birthday Mark9!

March 2007
Welcome Jessica Krouse, our new FAS team member, who became official in March and is already much-loved by the team dogs, especially adored by one who shall go nameless (but is a blonde Golden Retriever).

February 2007
Congratulations to Shelley Loy and her SAR-dog-in-training, Fozzie, a rescue himself. Just a month after coming to his new home from a shelter, Fozzie aced his therapy dog certification Saturday the 24th with a 100% score on the evaluation.
A high-five to Ellen Sanchez and Susannah Charleson, who completed their Senior certification with MARK9 in January.