October 2006
Deryl and Birgit Wingate passed their Level 1 certifications on Saturday, October 7th. Congratulations!

September 2006
Congratulations to Matt McPherson and Don Reynolds, who passed their Level 2 certifications this month.

August 2006
Special thanks to WFAA Ch. 8's Debbie Denmon and Tina Foster for their feature profile on MARK9's activity in the search field and Sit-n-Stay presentations.

May 2006
Thanks goes to the creators of Natural Life Nutritional Pet Products and their recent donation of 1200 pounds of premium dog food to the MARK9 dogs (who are loving every bite of it!). "Special food for special dogs", the organization commented during a recent promotional event at a Metroplex Wal-Mart. We are grateful for their generosity and support for working dogs.
Congratulations to Susannah Charleson and Puzzle, who passed their wilderness, urban, and disaster certification tests this spring and are mission-ready.

April 2006
Happy Birthday MARK9 Search and Rescue, 11 years on the move!
Congratulations to Deryl Wingate, Birgit Wingate, Jon Dunfee, Ellen Sanchez, Don Reynolds, and Susannah Charleson for successfully challenging the written and field NASAR SARTECH II April 7-9th. Congratulations also to Melody Boatwright and Jerry Seevers, who earned their SARTECH III on April 7th.

January 2006
Susannah Charleson, Public Information Officer, is now also a SAR research grant recipient. Susannah's upcoming study involves special communication issues in disaster rescue -- information she and MARK9 intend to share with the international emergency response community. More on this to come!